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04: Lucy McBath: Mom on a Mission

04: Lucy McBath: Mom on a Mission

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“Sometimes it takes a little bit more courage and a little bit more fortitude to go after the things that you believe that you could do, even with the thought that maybe you'll fail. To step outside the box and to move towards challenges that I believed I could win, I had to grow into that, to be willing to take the challenge. Now I live my life in such a way that I don't have any regrets of what would have happened had I challenged myself to do this. I'm not afraid to try anything now.”

After hearing your enthusiasm about the first three episodes of the Firestarters Podcast, I’m excited to share that I’ll post one new episode per month.

And today I’m talking with my friend Lucy McBath, a gun violence survivor, former Moms Demand Action spokeswoman, and three-term Georgia Congresswoman. Since 2019, Rep. McBath has advocated for bipartisan solutions to end gun violence, uplift small businesses, protect veterans, and lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs.

What you’ll find in this conversation:

  • What it was like to grow up as the daughter of a civil right’s activist and a nurse

  • How being a flight attendant prepared her for her current career

  • How she gained confidence to go after what she wants

  • External obstacles she’s faced in running for office

  • How her son Jordan’s murder made her completely change her course in life to protect other families

  • The women who helped push her to new heights

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Playing with Fire
Firestarters with Shannon Watts
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